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Pool Opening


Above Ground Professionals Offers Above ground Pool Openings for the Green Bay area.

We remove the winter cover/leaf net from the pool. Then re-hook up the pump and filter to the pool and test the operation. Then add start-up chemicals. Please allow chemicals to circulate for 1-2 days before bringing in a water sample! Remember your water is NOT BALANCED at the time of opening. You still have to bring a water sample to BALANCE  your pool! Please do so in 1-2 weeks to keep your pool from being damaged. Pricing info for this year is in the Pdf. You can either fill out the form at the bottom of the web page or Fill out the form here and email it to get our schedule or click         






  • Please have the pump and filter easily accessible to be moved back outside. 

  • Be sure we have easy access to the pool electrical disconnects and that power is turned on. 

  • Make sure water spigots are turned on and garden hose out to re-fill the pool


 If you have any questions about Pool Closing feel free to contact us either by email or by phone.

(920) 469-7799

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