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Pool Bonding

above ground pool bonding

Above Ground Professionals Offers the additional service of above-ground pool bonding to every pool installation. We have the tools and machinery to install your above-ground pool's bonding ring and lugs efficiently and correctly making sure it's properly mechanically attached to the pool. We take the extra steps during the construction of the pool to place lugs and wire behind the legs so you don't see the wire! Making the wire nearly unnoticeable. We carry stock of many different brands of pump bonding kits to make sure we have the correct one for your system.   


The state of Wisconsin has updated to NEC 2017 electrical code. Wisconsin requires that new above-ground pools be bonded to (reduce voltage gradients in the pool area) aka to limit the difference in electrical potential across what is near the pool. 





above ground pool bonding


 If you have any questions about Pool bonding feel free to contact us either by email or by phone.

(920) 469-7799

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